Select the “Redeem with 1 point” button below the curriculum you wish to make available. (You do not have to select all of your curriculum at once. Your credits will be valid for the full year of your subscription.)

Your credit balance is listed at the top of your dashboard. As you select curriculum, the balance will decrease.

In the menu bar, select “Manage Facilitators.” Once you open this page, you will see “Manage Team” on the left and “Add Members” on the right. If you have not added any members, then the left tab will be empty. Once you add members, they will be listed here. 

When you select the team member, you can see when they last logged in, download their facilitator certificate, or remove from the team.

Select “Add Members” to add facilitators to your team. You can add facilitators the following ways:

  1. Share the “self-registration” link by email.
  2. Batch upload from a CSV file.
  3. Enter each name and email address in the form fields.

As you add or remove facilitators, your number of licenses available will update. If you need additional facilitators, you can purchase additional seats.

You must complete all of the outlined objectives and successfully pass the quiz. Some objectives will be marked complete once finished (e.g., completing a video), while others must be manually marked complete. 

Once your objectives are complete and your quiz successfully passed, a “download certificate” button will appear below the quiz. You will also see that the progress circle to the left is 100%. If you do not show 100%, return to the first page to determine which of your objectives remain incomplete. IMPORTANT: be sure you have accepted the terms and conditions on page 1.

Whether you purchased a single curriculum, a 5 – or a 10 – curricula package, access is for 1 year. 

Facilitator access is based on the account administrator. If the account administrator does not renew the curricula, the facilitators will lose access.

If you have any questions, please email info@creatingafamily.org.

For 10-curricula and Enterprise subscription holders, under the “Manage Facilitators” menu, an option is included to purchase additional licenses. All additional seats purchased will have access to the same curriculum as current facilitators. If you need a different arrangement, please email info@creatingafamily.org with your needs. All curricula will expire when current subscription access expires, and all listed facilitators will have access removed. 

For 5-curricula and 10-curricula subscription holders, additional curriculum can be purchased at the package discount ($125/each for 5-curricula package and $100/each for 10-curricula package). All additional credits purchased will expire when current subscription access expires, and credits will reset to zero. 

Go to “Manage Facilitators” and scroll to below your team listing for the option to purchase.