Parenting Kids Prenatally Exposured to Alcohol & Drugs

Prenatal exposure impacts a wide range of a child’s brain development. This curriculum will help parents learn important information about prenatal exposure and the impacts on a child’s development. Parents receive an overview of the short and long-term impacts on a child’s development, including learning challenges and behavior struggles. Understanding the common symptoms of prenatal exposure to alcohol and drugs (both legal and illegal) will help parents identify their child’s potential risks for developmental impacts. Finally, this curriculum will offer parents and caregivers a variety of tips to help them raise a child with prenatal exposure. Parents will leave the support group with a better understanding of the following topics.
  • Common symptoms of prenatal alcohol and drug exposure
  • Short- and long-term impacts of prenatal exposure, including emotional, social, behavior, and academic impacts
  • Practical suggestions for how to support and parent a child who may have had prenatal alcohol or drug exposure
*This curriculum includes a video, facilitator guide, and handouts.**For international adoption agencies looking for interactive Hague training, this curriculum can contribute to a program to help meet 96.48 requirements. However, for a more thorough coverage of the requirements, consider the Creating a Family Hague Package for International Adoption

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Parenting Kids Prenatally Exposed to Alcohol and Drugs

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